Has The Q Got Anything For A 16 Year Old Girl?


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I think Lola Rose would be nice. They don't cost a fortune but are not cheap / tacky. You could get her a necklace in something classic - white / black / grey, or maybe opt for pink / purple or - a turquoisey colour - which is "bang on-trend" this season. This summer it's all about aquamarine and blue turquoise, so anything in that colour spectrum would be nice. Kipling bags, again are not too expensive and come with a fun monkey attached. I'd probably buy her a stretch bracelet. Whatever you do, don't buy her a Michele Hope stretchy lace cardigan in dusky pink!

I would say find out what colours she likes and buy her LR. I'm not a girl but I remember when I was 16 I wanted to look older! Now I want to look younger! I think if you choose the right LR piece she will really love it. Although I don't like the LR guest and her silly voice, her jewellery range does transcend all age groups. When you buy for her, think of buying for someone who is 21-22, as that will likely be what she is aspiring to.

This comes in different colours:


Or the black and white is a safe choice:


This is really nice:


This friendship bracelet comes in different colour options and is nice:


Oh, Julius, you have taken so much effort looking up, I am ever so grateful , thank you so much


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I seem to score well with my nieces with hairstyling equipment. I bought them a Lee Stafford combi curling tongs/straighteners/flat iron which also seem to be used by their mother! I also bought them a Steampod which the niece with clip in hairextensions likes. I send vouchers for superdrug. Jewellery is very personal and I remember getting it wrong with a very fussy step niece.
I have also bought a red carpet gel varnish set though I notice that they seem to be wearing colour changing varnish. I think their mother is using the gel set more!

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