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Block Blitz Go Weed 5L Weedkiller with Trigger Spray
Item Number: 738065
QVC Price £24.96
Todays Special Value Price £17.40
P&P £3.95

Say goodbye to pesky weeds and moss with the help of Go Weed from Block Blitz. A new arrival to QVC, this fast-acting formula is designed to break down and get rid of unwanted weeds and moss to keep your outdoor hard surfaces clear. It can also be used to control the growth of moss and weed in a variety of places, from paths to patios. Equipped with a detachable hose lock trigger, this easy-to-use solution will not disrupt your gardening, allowing for planting and sowing to be undertaken as soon as the spray has worked its magic!

Easy to use - simply attach the hose lock trigger and turn it to the on position, apply at no more than 100ml per square metre, and turn the trigger to the off position when finished. Repeat after 14 days if necessary and prepare to watch this fast-acting formula get rid of weeds and moss quickly.

Stay stocked up - keep Go Weed in your outdoor maintenance routine for longer by selecting our Subscribe & Save option to receive one more delivery of the Go Weed 5L bottle, this time without the trigger spray. You'll receive it in 90 days' time, for just £16.92!

  • Weight: 5.3kg
  • Boxed dimensions: 17cm x 30cm x 20cm (6.6" x 11.8" x 7.8")

  • 1 x Go Weed - with trigger spray (5L)

How to use:
  • Attach hose lock trigger and turn to on position
  • Apply at no more than 100ml per square meter, this is usually when the weeds and moss are fully wetted
  • Repeat after 14 days against surviving weeds and moss if necessary or when fresh growth is seen
  • When finished, turn the trigger to the off position
  • Apply on a dry day when rainfall is not expected within six hours after application

Please note:
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets
  • Do not use on lawns
  • It is good practice to wear gloves when using this product although it is not a requirement

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