Ladies enjoy your night


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In Kuala Kumpur staying and wont get to watch on the net unless I go for a kip in the afternoon and try to stay up as it will be 1am here when it starts. Will try some of the numbers on the net and see if I can get anything to send for pressies. Hope you all have fun and get lots of goodies. Dont get to frustrated.


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I will be unable to view either this evening, so if any numbers available to order prior to 3pm I will do so, failing that I will just donate, as last year I was extremely fortunate and managed to obtain one MAJOR HAUL.

For those fortunate enough to participate in the mayhem ENJOY!:jump::jump:


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Ladies to be honest I can't see it being that exciting with the fashion show event not live etc.

No Molton Brown either this time too.


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I can't view tonight because we don't have Sky anymore but i'll be here hoping to get something into my basket and support the cause. It was brilliant last year and I managed to get loads thanks to this great place. Good Luck Ladies :D


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I'm looking forward to it, but it's on at a really tricky time this year - it was much better having it later in the evening.

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