Laura Geller TSV 29/2/24


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This TSV gets 2.5 stars reviews, shocking.
I got it and I love it. I've got a balance and glow in a different colour and have to put something over the top of it as it has too much highlighter in it for my liking so nearly didn't get this, but this one is lovely and I love the blusher. The eyeliner is the same as before and I quite like the eyeshadow although it could do with being a little darker. So for once I'm happy with a full set, not sure that has happened before :)
I bought the TSV and it is nice. The blusher looks very dark and brown but once on the cheeks it is lovely and as a nice sheen. It does seem more powdery than other LG blushers I have but is a keeper as I really like LG blushers.
I went to Australia recently and LG balance and glow was what I wore on my skin. Everything else slipped off with the heat.
Love the kajal sticks anyway so I will be keeping the TSV.
The individual prices for single items of the Q brands are getting silly. Up there with premium beauty brands like Nars ect.

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