Nitesh? switch off!


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Vicki mentioned today that Nitesh is Head of Planning. I think he needs to have a word with himself, because there seems to be a distinct lack of it. I’ve seen some car crash shows that were excruciating to watch.
When Vicki and Nitesh were on today there was lots of dead air where neither of them said a word. They were doing their utmost to shift some nine carat gold paperclip chains and bracelets but nobody bought any lol.
Those chains look awful. Has anyone else noticed that TJC always shows those chains face on, and never from the side? I reckon that they look more like chains of tinsel than jewellery.

But that seems to be true of all the channel's chains lately: they look OK straight on, but seem to be paper thin with zero depth.

Except for the oversized silver ones that appear occasionally. And they're hollow

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