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Does anyone know how representative GEMS on line catalogue prices are? Previosly I've only ever bought from their on screen auction or clearance stock, I was looking at a ring thinking it was a little expensive for what it was so I rang them to check its final price. The girl that I spoke to said that it was due to be auctioned at 5.30 that afternoon so I watched and it closed at exactly the same price as the catalogue. Is this normal? More often than not TJC's auctions close lower than their catalogue price and if you ring them they'll sell it to you at it's last sold price


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I'm pretty sure that the catalogue prices are significantly higher than the price items go to on screen. I was actually looking for a diamond bracelet and saw one on screen, it was for sale in the catalogue at nearly 3 times the screen price.

I think if you phone and say you're interested, customer service may let you have a piece for the last price it sold at on air but I'm not 100% positive. It's certainly worth a shot.

Good luck.

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Thanks Meeshoo, I was flicking through the channels last night and they just happened to be auctioning it and it closed at the same price again as the web catalogue so it seems it is a set price, but I'll give it a few days and try CS again


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Sounds like a set price then so it may not have sold for less. I honestly don't watch enough GemsTV anymore to say with any certainty. I watched for the first time last weekend (and then made a purchase) but other than that don't think I've even had a look for months.

I wonder if I'm cured of my blingaholicness!? :)

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