Personal shopper prices?


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I was just wondering about the prices the personal shopper have to give (on items that have been on air and sold), is it the lowest price the item has sold for, the highest price an item has sold for, the average, or a higher price?
I think thats all the options i can think of lol


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Hi Gemcherub :hi:, last time i bought from personal shopper it was the price that the item last sold for on air, but did buy some earrings last year and said to personal shopper that i had seen it sell for less than price she quoted and she checked and sold them to me to me for the lowest price that they sold for on air, don't know if they still do that though?? think it's last auction price


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I spoke to the personal shopper as I saw some loose Russian Diopside go for £19, and I rang a week later but she said the last time they were on air it was £29, so that’s the lowest price they can sell it for. I didn’t order it lol