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Richard Jackson 2kg Flower Power Premium Plant Food with Growth Booster

QVC Price £36.00
Todays Special Value Price £22.98
P&P £2.95



Introduce your plants to Richard Jackson's Flower Power Premium Plant Food with Growth Booster and prepare to watch them flourish. Loved by both professionals and home gardeners, this new, advanced and now super-concentrated version of the best-selling Flower Power Plant Food has been enhanced to help you grow even bigger, better and healthier plants. A plant feed with a difference, use it on all your plants, indoors and out, to provide them with the nutrients they need to thrive.

New and advanced - now with added growth booster and special amino acids that are widely used in professional horticulture, this plant food will work to give your plants a real boost. Plus, this formula and the exclusive gold packaging is currently only available at QVC, so get it while you can!

Celebrated by many - thousands of gardeners have trusted Richard Jackson's Flower Power Premium Plant Food to grow bigger and better plants. In fact, professional growers have won over 100 gold medals and first-place prizes at major flower shows with their Flower Power-fed plants, including clematis, fuchsias, roses and potatoes!

Plant-loving ingredients - this feed boasts special bio-active ingredients, including humic and fulvic acids, to help plants utilise the nutrients better. It also features seaweed extract and a wetting agent to help all that goodness reach the roots more effectively.

Same again, please! Stay stocked up by selecting our Subscribe & Save option to receive this plant food again in 60 days' time, at today's same fantastic price!

  • Delivered to UK mainland only
  • Makes up to 1800L (equivalent to 400 watering cans of diluted feed)
  • Contains high levels of potash to help improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables


  • 1 x Flower Power Premium Plant Food (2kg)

All measurements are approximate
My god how much more can he tinker with flower power he is really milking it all the big name plant foods have amino acids i will stick with phostrogen and seaweed fantastic flowers last year
But it's "new generation" :rolleyes: I always use FP but it lasts a long time so I've plenty. I do need root booster and weedkiller and although the weedkiller is dearer than champagne it really does work very quickly on awful weeds compared to the other brands I've tried.

My Gran always had a beautiful garden and she used basic products, long before RJ appeared on the scene so I'm sure everything works.


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