So frustrating!!!


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I know I may have moaned before on this subject but I find it so so so frustrating to have to pay for a phone call to TJC(0844 phone number) customer services when it is their mistake and not mine!!!!!.
I went online to make a purchase:

1. It would not accept my card ( there was nothing wrong with it I checked at my bank)
2. It would not accept my second card " " " " " " "
3. I phoned and asked to pay on the phone and was told " we cannot do that"
4. I go back to the website and pay using the original card!!!!!
5. The goods arrive, but there are duplicate items!!!
6. I try to communicate by using the chat facility on the website, I type in the info and then the chat box disappeared!!!.
7. I try again and am told I have been blocked from using the chat box??????
8. I phone and tell them !

For a company that bothers to send emails asking why you have not visited them lately ( I visit most days and make purchases) and says if you are not happy to contact them by phone or email(which they seldom answer) I find it so so so frustrating that I have to pay to let you know your mistakes. I often wonder who sends these "we care about your custom and you are important to us" emails. I actually feel like no one cares and sorry to say it again but its so FRUSTRATING!!!!!


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Sounds a right pain! I can't stand it all, I get so stressed. I always email Rupinder, shes wonderful.

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