So Has Everyone Gone Home?


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Carla’s mum died last week so she won’t be on with fashion for a while. She posted a nice bit of video on Instagram.
That's very sad, she lived with her mum & adored her. Some months ago she posted a video saying how other members of the family didn't help with caring for her & I know that Carla did all her mum's dialysis sessions on her own. When a carer loses someone they have a double loss, even if it's been an arduous task, so she must feel completely devastated in every way.


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Poor Carla awful losing your mum
She said was that she felt that she'd already started grieving as there had been several times she expected to lose her mum. I understand exactly what she meant & when I said much the same thing a nurse told me that was precipitation grieving; I felt that when my mum died I got her back because her illness had taken away everything that was her & knowing that she was no longer suffering was all I cared about.


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Just turned on Q Carla is with Alex doing the 11pm Centigrade hour no mention of her mother’s passing business as usual, you would never know very strong lady 💓
She’s posted a very moving video on Instagram, very wise words.


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It was such sad news for Carla, but she’s a real professional and so went to work to do her job without referring to losing her mum.

The other presenters could take a leaf out of her book and do a professional job as well instead of regaling us with every finite detail of what they or the grandchildren etc have been doing. If I watch a programme I want to hear the details of the product, NOT the fact that the presenter had a lovely holiday or saw their family etc.

My sincere condolences to Carla.

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