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Jun 13, 2014
I see that Dave Troth was back at mid day having another go a hawking his and Jakes baby, The Incitatus Collection .
To be fair I don't know much about watches so it would be unfair me to question how/if a quartz powered watch will become a collectors item and increase in value in the years ahead even if it is rarer than a diamond. That said isn't everything rarer than a diamond according to the regular mantra stated on Gemporia? But with a limited edition of just 500 each model the duo were sure at the launch show that it was going to be a sell out and then today 'let's look at the call screen, .... I would advise you to multi buy!' with plenty of names to suggest that plenty of stock were available for Ellis's customers.
Apparently made of a unique alloy to include horse shoes although the item details state 'set into Stainless Steel Case' you just don't know what to believe. But the full website details for one model, 'A stunning Swiss Part Movt Watch from The Incitatus Collection, set into Stainless Steel Case featuring Sapphire Coated Glass, and Brown Strap.'
I survived without being tempted despite Dave being full on earnest and enthusing about thoroughbred race horses - it made some sense at the time. Good news was that they did not sell out and at 17:30 they were still available in the Just Missed section so I am guessing that there will be future opportunities to satisfy your horology tendencies.
But if it's calm that you need it's Alpine CBD Oil later. Seems that brand is preferred over the Cavills family brand, but they are all discounted on the ProLife website already so best to go direct.
I confess that I weakened!!
After a sell out show Dave has been back a couple of times with his watches ooooops timepieces and I allowed myself to have a punt and have a look at one of these. That was sometime ago but seems that Gemporia have been moving warehousing and all non jewellery dispatches have been delayed whilst stock locations were resolved.
So it arrived today and it looked OK but did it match the expectation from the presentation? Well it was smaller than I had imagined but I don't actually recall dimensions being specified so there is no compliant there - thats the risk that you always take with distance shopping. The face of the timepiece(!!) had a protective plastic disk on it and there the story was told.....
MOVT Thailand
Case China
Band China
Dial China
Watch Assembled in China
So probably not very different from lots of watches on the high street. But worth £169? And I am sure that the presentation inferred something much more. Not to mention the pride that Dave and Jake had of their collectable limited edition pieces.

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