Tales Of Chiswick: Chapter 1. New Beginnings


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A brilliant post! I have some of your tales from QVC towers from the past. You have not lost your touch.
Hi BB. I have only been reading posts on the forum for three months or so, and have had occassion to laugh a few times at things that have been written. But I have to tell you, I can't remember the last time something made me laugh so much that my sides ache. This is FABULOUS!!! Have also just read the previous chapters (thanks Loveinamist) and I agree with what others have said, you should write a book. I would certainly buy it. They could make it into a tv sitcom, with Victoria Wood in the starring role of Roberta. Thank you for making my day and I can't wait for the next chapter.
Really enjoyed it too, BB, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper eat your heart out.

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