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I have been watching a bit of these channels lately and I have to say I haven't liked what I've seen.

The atrocious, loud mouthed Liz Fuller (she of Auction World fame) makes some pretty bold claims about the watches on sale but the other day she was making price comparisons for 'Hamilton' watches that following a quick google search simply didn't bear scrutiny.

Maybe they have gone under the radar as they are such an obscure channel but i'll be having a closer look now.


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I was watching this channel again last night and again they seem to be giving some highly inaccurate information about the cheapest price you can buy watches for in the UK. Liz Fuller was selling a Seiko SNAA63 and claimed on a number of occasions it costs a minimum of £300 retail here. I found it for less than a third of their price on Amazon but it isn't clear if it is a model Seiko ever sold officially outside of Japan, not in the UK anyway.

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