Tony Diniz exagerates


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I can't stand the range of jewelry he brings all set with 'valuable' multi colored tourmalines.I find them dull and people don't seem to be ever rushing to buy lots.He's a master exaggerator though just like Troff and Co. on the other channel.Birds of a feather etc...
I was watching Stacey on Friday morning and she mentioned that she worked for Tony when he was CEO of Rocks & Co. Apparently he was very tough to work for , but if you did well, he was very generous. Apparently if you were a Presenter and were bottom of the stats for 3 months in a row, you were sacked. If you did well he was known to say ‘Good show’ and put a pair of Louboutins or cash on your desk! Apparently according to Stacey, Debbie Cavill was really lovely.

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