Where's the jewellery ?


Tjc and gemporia used to sell some really lovely affordable jewellery. Now tjc has very few and far between pieces and too many " considered" the rest of what they sell looks like they've gone into partnership with poundland. As for gemporia - i was astonished to see they now sell pin prick nano size stones in flimsy thin bands for exorbitant prices in between scarves candles and other tat. So disappointing - no where to go now as QVC only sell ott priced jewellery with real gemstones.


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TJC is pretty much unwatchable now. Where shows used to be an OK watch, and the presenters would talk about the stones, the setting etc. now you get a presenter and a buyer or another presenter talking over one another at the camera. Doesn't matter whether it is a £1500 platinum diamond ring, or a job lot or some D-list celeb's new deodorant: there will be two people on screen now squawking at the camera at once trying to coerce viewers to buy it. It's not entertaining, and it's basically a relief to turn to another channel.

Gemporia is the same.


That is SO true! I don't know what they are thinking - i find it irritating + totally unwatchable so i go on the website - or used to - because there's nothing worth getting + I'm amazed at the low level tat they actually put on there. Gemporia is unwatchable as it has more lectures than goods for sale but at least the tat they sell is a bit more upmarket. All in all i think they're both on the decline n won't be long before they disappear.


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The writing is on the wall for selly telly. It can't compete against the internet. Covid lockdowns has helped the various channels with bored people shopping, but Trustpilot reviews on each company shows that they are losing the battle against purely online shopping.

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