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  • Hi BettyBoo, yes, very well and very busy with my now not so new job (been in it for 2 years now and got promoted to MD a year ago!). I spend most my forum time on Crafttelly but pop over here every now and then to gen-up on the non-craft TSVs!
    Hi there BB

    Im sorry to hear your middle daughter and grandson have got swine flu, it really is a nasty bug! Good idea to keep away. Im sending love hugs and positive vibes for a speedy recovery to them both. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi BettyBoo

    just popping in to wish you a good week

    Hope you are okay Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Dazzler thanks for the lovely message. Hope you are well and set to enjoy the weekend. B.B.
    Hi bettyBoo,

    Sounds to me like you have had a fab weekend so far. I love animals, it seems everyone at the South Lakes Animal park did too. Pleased to hear though that you enjoyed your scones and tea, always makes a difference when the sun shines. Take Care Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi BB

    I am okay thanks. Not doing anything exciting this weekend, fitness tomorrow as I do, and then make dinner ready for husband when he gets in from work and then I have a long evening in as he is at work late. The summer is coming though and then I will be out alot more at the weekends and also go over to friends.

    Hope you are okay and enjoy the weekend. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Dazzler How are you? Are you doing anything this weekend ? Are you a mum and have you anything planned for Sunday ? I have 3 daughters and they are so good to me but I wish they wouldn't spend money on me as everything is so expensive but I do appreciate what they do for me.
    Thats great thanks. The weather is dreadful the rain yesterday was terrible and today it's showers but quite windy and cool. Friday was the best day sunny all day and I had two of my grandsons all day aged 5 and nearly 3 so we had a good day went to the beach and tired them out. Just watching a bit of the Olympics a lazy day for us. B.B.
    Yea you have done it fine.Whatever you did worked,you can see me as your friend on the right in friends.Hope you are having a good weekend.God this weather is awful,has not stopped raining all day,hope next week is better!!!!
    Having a quiet evening after another hectic week LOL
    Thanks,been reading your posts and feel same way about some things.
    But i don't think you have accepted it yet LOL
    I will send you another
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