Glen Campbell is a bit of a fraud - discuss


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Gawd I heard Simon Biagi banging on about wearing your Veronese 'eek to "that Gala dinner". Clearly QVC seem to think their customers are either going to Gala dinners, on cruises or going away for the weekend. Goodness knows how those same viewers find the time to watch QVC to purchase all the gear needed for these events, as they're pretty busy by the sounds of it.
I heard on a show today that Glen Campbell is now designing his own line and is in the process of setting up a website.So if we are really, really lucky, it shouldn't be long before it is being shown on QVC and we can all indulge ourselves in Glen's vision of a little white tee, a trouser and other wondrous items that we can dress up or down and go out to play with the girls in. I can hardly bear the anticipation.
you have forgotten the "crisp white shirt" and a pair of whoever's jeans & Ugg boots to wear in both summer and winter.

Are Ugg boots really able to keep you cool in summer (with your mini floaty dress) and warm in winter? Just like a vaccum flask - but how does it know when to keep warm/cold? ha ha
Well, if Glen can come up with some clothes that repel mud and dog hair, some snazzy gilets (cos I live and die in them) and shoes that don't leak, I may be interested! Yes, I'd love to look like Audrey Hepburn and jet off to Paree in my little pump and a nice white tee, but the reality is somewhat more mundane, i.e. getting dirt out of light things, dog hair off dark things, trying to 'age' gracefully without looking like frump of the month, despairing of ever finding a pair of jeans that fit, wondering what happened to my waist, and really really NOT wanting to look like a polyester clad sofa :sun:
.. that's quite funny Almerinda! I used to always think of the singer whenever I heard the name, but now, scarily, I don't.
Is Glen Campbell a fraud? Couldn't possibly comment, but I do think he is a right tosser..............!
Glen does appear to have a bit of a lunchbox. I'm always drawn to it. Maybe its the very tight trousers that do it.

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