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    Bye bye Claire

    I haven't watched QVC in years, but I do remember Claire. She was always professional, not too pushy, and did not treat the viewers like idiots, telling us that she has everything she sells, at home. Derogatory comments about calling her mum 'mummy' are inappropriate, imo. That is her choice...
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    Beauty : Expensive Quality

    I have tried many of the premium brands, featured on QVC and, despite preferring some over others, my generic opinion is that I am paying a premium, but the products are so worth it. Little things, like the scent, the texture. Because know that, whatever the price, skincare cannot turn back time...
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    As an absent viewer......

    LATI, nice to know you remember me. Missing work like crazy. Up side is, I get to spend more time with my boxers. Not watching the Q, but still like to check in here. Got a Yankee AD arriving any day. doesn't she have a b+b business as well? Hope you are coping through this.
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    As an absent viewer......

    I don't watch QVC any more as I work. Been a few years now. I still make purchases, I find on the website. Have I missed any mahusive news? I just found out Chloe is getting married. How is Ali Keenan doing? I work at Currys/PC World and, as a 'non essential' store, we are closed. I bet QVC is...
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    Todays Top Tech TSV 01/04/20

    The Fitbit Charge 4 is available for pre order, with the RRP at £129.99. You will be purchasing a model, superseded by one with added features. It depends why you are purchasing, as to whether this will matter to you.
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    QVC contribution to the community.

    I have made many purchases from a small business online, The skinny food co and, whilst I love the products, they charge shipping when it is free, offer me a free gift, and don't send it. It makes promises, doesn't deliver, leaving me out of pocket and I don't need the stress which brings on my...
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    Dyson TSV 28/03/20

    Dyson have invented the 8, 10, and 11, since the 7 and, consequently, the tsv is a rather outdated model, less powerful motor, with only 30 minutes run time, on standard. The v11, is one hour. Sir James did not stop manufacturing plug ins, until he had invented a more powerful cordless. This...
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    Advertising on the forum.

    Never have I seen as many adverts on here. After every one to three posts, I am seeing two rows of ads. I do not come on here often enough to pay for ad free but, when I do, it is annoying. I do realise, however, that Graham needs to fund the operation of the site somehow.
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    Postage OTT

    I want to buy the Easter Yankee candles. £32.96 is an excellent price but, once the p+p is added at £5.95, the candles are working out at £20 each, not as much of a bargain. Plus, nearly £6 for shipping an item we are buying from QVC, is highly unfair. I will not purchase, on principle.
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    Is Alison Young well?

    I never watch any of the shopping channels but, by accident, landed on QVC, to see Alison and Abi Cleeve. I was a tad shocked, to see AY seems to have put on quite a lot of weight. As it has been years since I last saw her, perhaps it has been gradual. I was somewhat concerned at the possibility...
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    False Advertising..

    The TEFAL ACTIFRY GENIUS XL combined price is £247.99, IW price £159.99. Difference is withIW you get a chopping board, albeit Joseph and Joseph. The same ACTIFRY sells at John Lewis for £169.99.So the regular IW price of £247.99 is extremely inflated. Still cheaper. But not by as much as the on...
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    QVCUK.COM - Beware.

    Ordering an item, wanted to add promo code, so ticked the box. Then order was confirmed, without my code. Had to call to cancel. Went through the process of placing an order again, to check. It says “if you have a promo code, please UNTICK the box.” The box isn’t ticked to untick! I...
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    Lenovo Ideapad.

    This is a total rip off, a basic Pentium processor, 4gb of ram, and 128gb ssd, the only positive, for £569! Extremely low spec, for an exorbitant price. Okay, you can use the pen. Quite a premium cost for this feature, IMO.
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    Ordissimo Agathe 2

    I sell PCs as my job, and I have never heard of this brand. But paying a comparatively high price, for such a low spec machine, is pure folly. It is a celeron processor, second from the bottom (atom) of theintel range. Storage of a mere 52gb, memory 2gb. Do not think you are getting a windows...
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    Rylan Clarke Neal - celebrity?

    QVC istaking it’s customers for idiots. £150 forone of his candles, is laughable. It only gives 240 hours burn time. This guy is not even a z list celebritybut, as usual, this channel is assumingit’sviewers are easily swayed by tv stars, and spend all their timewatchingdaytimetv...

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