1 Week until bidtv relaunch


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Nearly 1 week (27 November black Friday ) until bidtv re launch. I'm thinking it will be cancelled last minute.


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Does "Black Friday" relate to the mega discount shopping day, or the fact that Bid is due to return...


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Three days until relaunch of website and barely any publicity, hardly anything on twitter, you search google barely anything. How do they expect to have any viewers to sell anything to? Where is the publicity?


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I think it's because they realise their time has passed, shopping tv and the likes will be non existent in years to come because of their overheads their prices are dearer, so obviously people are going to shop were is cheaper.


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Yeh. No-one will know that it's there except us saddos! :mysmilie_19:


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First post on here for a while!

They have said now on twitter that they are postponing the start date by a week...Im sure they will keep putting it back, until they finally say it isn't going to happen


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First post on here for a while!

They have said now on twitter that they are postponing the start date by a week...Im sure they will keep putting it back, until they finally say it isn't going to happen
Nice to have you back Benny, I think they have put to much in to give up but they have missed the crucial christmas market.


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Simon Says...

Simon Says:

I had deep concerns, so I said to her upstairs, I said, when you fiddle around up there in the attic (side glance to camera) looking for Christmas decorations...

I said, and dear viewer at 'ome you'll like this one, I said, get me down one of them old boxes, and wait for it, its coming (another side glance to camera) and bring me down one of them here there angel delight things.

Well she just gave me a look (drops head in shame) and walked away, not another word said.

And I, being, well you know, full of aches and pains, poorly tummy and all by now, thought nothing more of it. Then you'll never guess what, and get ready I told you it was coming, I go to my mattress in my night gown after sipping Horlicks, I do that every night you know, and what do you know, it's there! Him in the clouds must've heard me praying, it's there, on the bed, in front of me!

There she is in her full glory (finger gesture to mouth and side glance to camera) for wow, dear viewer, my prayers had been answered.

Anyway, 090..., erm, yes she sits there before me almost waiting for me to come (stop it! dirty camera man, shhh Emily in the gallery, disgusting mind... these people, I tell you, if you knew what I had to put up with here week in, week out!)

She's here, I shout (in an annoyingly whiny high pitched and shouty voice) to her who, by now had gone downstairs, she's finally here!

So I caress her, wipe away the dust, she's old you know, and I hold her gently in my hand. I have concerns, I whisper in her ear, you must hear me!

And so, oh 87% of the stock has gone already, so, 090..., I said a little birdy tells me that an old friend of mine has risen from the grave. It can't be so, I say with shock, just let him be! His life is over, he is gone. Don't let him, or any of us, suffer any more. He needs to rest!

Anyway before my very eyes she goes blue, then blinks green and before I knew it, my worry was no more. Bi... berr, err, Sid was on hold for another week.… Just like you will be if you try to phone them now (mimics drum and cymbal noise)

Thank you very much (whooping noises from camera team, sound engineers, guests and gallery team at Ideal World)

Ha ha (giggle), I shouldn't do it, but I do and I did.

Anyway dear viewer have I got some great products for you tonight...


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It's as though the spirit of Simon's seaman is here present....


Still just a Pleb!
rule number one, never accept a handshake off pervy pete unless you've actually seen him was his hands.
and not even then!!


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A little treat for you dear viewer. The Turkish version of Marina Berry and her co-host Mr Stone Mason wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas.



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Could have done with seeing more of Mr Stone Mason and less of Marina :smirk:

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