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Feb 20, 2010
I recently purchased a fairly expensive item on ebay which I paid for via PayPal, it's not yet been sent (I won't bore you with the details, long story) and the seller has offered me an immediate full refund, as they are a 'Top Rated Seller' with 100% feedback I'm confident that this will happen. I've never had a refund from them before and I've looked at ebay and PayPal's website's but can't see how this is done. Can any of our lovely formites with experience dealing with these sort of things please tell me if the refund goes back into my PayPal account or is it refunded to my credit card which paid for it? If it's to the PayPal account can I then refund it to my credit card from the account ?

MTIA :wonder:
The seller will simply reverse the transaction and your payment will go back onto your card DD. You will probably then get a request from the seller (via Ebay) asking if you agree to cancel the transaction, it's quite normal so agree to it, that way they get their fees back so nobody loses.
Thanks PPC, I love this site there's a wealth of knowledge amongst the members someone always has the answer.

He has said he'd let me know when it turns up and would contact me before he re-lists it in case I still wanted it, if I did I would obviously use Paypal again but can the purchase still be done via ebay so everything's protected ?
You could ask him to list it as a Buy It Now for you, then you could pay via Paypal and get the same level of protection.

Just a couple of things to watch out for;
Some sellers suddenly and mysteriously lose or damage items before the buyer gets them. Of course accidents can happen, and your seller may well be perfectly legit, DD, but some sellers will try this on, then relist, in the hope of getting more if they sell for a second time.

Secondly, if the seller relists on a BIN [at the same price you paid previously, I hope!] then you should both agree an exact time that the listing will go live. If you're not at your computer waiting to hit Buy It Now then someone else can get in there before you and buy your item.
Hi Sublime, I bought it as a 'Best Offer' bid which he accepted that was almost three weeks ago and I was beginning to wonder if he was having second thoughts on selling at that price and was dragging his feet in the hope I'd ask for my money back so he could re list it, hence my need to feel protected if I did resume buying it again.

He says he'll issue a refund within the two working days which will be Monday, will the refund show on my PayPal account?
You'll get an immediate email from Paypal to tell you the money's back in your account, DD.

Is he a regular seller? Is he waiting for auctions to end so he'll have money in his Paypal account to refund you? In other words, why is he dragging his feet?!!!

With any luck, he'll cough up soon, but just in case;

Having just been bitten by a Chinese seller [szdepot88, I hate you] I'd recommend you don't leave it too late if you have to start the process of claiming your money back from eBay. You only have 45 days from the date of the transaction, so keep an eye on your diary in case the dosh doesn't come through.

He'll get a black mark which will affect his Top Rated Seller status, so just the threat of opening an 'item not received' case will probably be enough to spur him into action.

Incidentally, if you do have to open a case against him, the process is simple and eBay finds in the buyer's favour, so all is not lost.
Thank you for so much for the advice Sublime, very helpful.

I assume he's a regular seller, he's in the UK and before bidding I checked his feedback which was 100% and he had lots of other items for sale and as a Top rated seller I was happy. I made the offer which he accepted and I paid him immediately via PayPal. As he only offered the refund this evening, I will give him the two working day which will be Monday and if I haven't received it by Tuesday will take action. If I need to should I contact him or ebay and how do I open a case against him?

Have a look at this page, DD:

The box on the right gives the links to the info you need, the left hand side links help you to start the process.

With any luck, you won't need any of it. Just in case it's useful, though, I've been down the route of reclaiming my money twice, and it was a surprisingly stress free experience.
You fill in the form and explain why you want your money back. eBay will check the messages you and the seller have exchanged, ask the seller to respond to your claim, then make a decision.

The last time I claimed, I bought a pair of jeans from someone who plainly had no intention of sending them. She didn't bother to respond to any of the emails from eBay, and I think I got my money back within 48 hours. Sorted.
Have just logged on. my refund has been confirmed by PayPal and ebay, thanks for your help Sublime & PPC :rock:
Yay, glad you got your money back. Let's hope the same item comes up again, and it's an even better bargain.

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