Custom jewellery makers?



So basically, I want some custom jewellery made, no idea how to go about finding someone that does it... No chance of doing it myself... Any help? (Would need casting as it will be metallic & Also etched/engraved).

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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When I have wanted custom jewellery pieces made I have gone to Jewellery making and Jewellery design schools and to ordinary high street and bespoke jewellers - it really depends how valuable the gem is and how much money you have.

Students like the chance to make pieces for you and will generally do so at cost if you allow them to submit their designs and photographs of the finished article for their portfolio. Just google jewellery design making schools and you'll find some near you I am sure.

Alternatively have a wander in a couple of jewellers that you like, see if they have a design you like and then go in and ask them if they can set the gem/s you have in that design or something similar.

For even more bespoke jewellers just have a good look around on line, or in the posh bit of your nearest shopping area. For example: I have had some jewellery made by a designer who also sells fairly high quality bespoke jewellery not only from her studio but also on

Most importantly, be clear about what you want from the off, listen to the designers advice and agree on the final design and price before going ahead :)


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I also want to know where to get them...

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