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LOL I caught Shawn last night just before the 9pm hour with a naff Diamantaire box before him. He said this is coming up in 24 hours but he wasn't going to show us what's inside, we'd have to wait and tune in. How's that for holding us in suspenders? :yo:

Of course it's THE best simulant he's EVER seen :33: Well that was said about the 'many years in the making' Czarlite.

Isn't it just Czarlite under another name? :confused:

Mrs James

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is a blockbuster this season's Pig'o'the day ?


Does fuzzy logic tickle?
I got an email yesterday about the beautiful new jewellery, I have never bought any jewellery from IW,I can hardly wait.:D


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I must resist......., can't take any more of this 'pig' of the day, I'll be sick.....