How many ways can they mess me about in one order?


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Jun 24, 2008
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Due to my ongoing financial issues I've been unable to buy much bling for ages, but I ordered recently and it's all gone Pete Tong!
It all started with an attempted return under warranty for an item from my Xmas order - a necklace clasp had detached, cue pearls falling on the bathroom floor....:down:
So I phoned, hoping they'd offer to fix it, but they had a "problem" as they were now operating on a new computer system and none of my previous orders were on file any longer. However, they went off and checked the old records, found the delivery and item and said they'd give me a credit for the full amount on my new account. I would have expected a refund, but they said that I didn't need to return the necklace, so I was actually fairly happy with the outcome, and I sent the remnants to our lovely Beady Belles, who ultra kindly fixed it for the cost of postage. (I would like to add, Falguni did a beautiful job and the necklace is better than ever:heart:.)
So there I am, with a credit on Rocks burning a hole in my pocket, of course I couldn't resist spending it...
So I won 3 auctions on and duly checked out the basket on 25th June, expecting a delivery on 30th June as Rocks have always promised. However, I fear that the speedy delivery is just one casualty of the merger. I duly get a confirmation email, with the three items and showing the credit being deducted from the amount. Anyway, I then received a lovely cheque for my birthday and added two rings from Coloured Rocks to my order as a birthday treat:cake:. No amended order email, but with the systems change I'm not worried.
Anyhow, it gets to 30 June and I get an email rather than a delivery, saying that there are delays and they're sorry, order will come ASAP. OK, I'm a nice lady, I understand teething problems, so I leave it at that.
Then 2nd July I get a phone call - my order is being packed, but one of the two additional rings is no longer available. Disappointing, but not the first time it's happened - at least they called - it's also confirmation that they did merge my orders for me, I'm staying cool. And my order is finally being dispatched, yippee! Tuesday I will be blinging again!
So today I finally get an email - saying my delivery will go to my home address, not my default delivery address. So now I'm NOT HAPPY - is this another consequence of new computer systems? I phoned up, apparently now you have to PHONE and TELL THEM to use your delivery address, unlike the old CR system where it did it automatically. I'm still keeping my cool though, and they promise they'll contact the delivery company and get the order to me at my delivery address tomorrow. Shame about the delay but I'm still smiling.
Then I check my Credit Card statement - and find out that they've charged me the wrong amount. Basically, they've not charged for the additional ring, and they've not deducted the credit voucher from the total.:down:
So now I'm worried I won't get the ring, so I phone again.
It's not going well though, as their computer systems have decided to crash. After 10 mins or so of logging in, crashing, logging in..... the very nice lady on the phone promises me a call back when the system is working. And in fairness she does that.
She confirms that the ring is not included. And that they have no trace of the credit note.
When I explain how the credit note was given to me, she is still unable to trace the old records and is unable to help at all. She needs to refer it to someone else, who will phone me today. :headbang:
So I just went on the CR website to look for a replacement for the missing rings, figuring I'd ask for a free delivery since they'd messed up - and BOTH of the rings I ordered are showing as in stock there. :headbang:
Anyway, I'm waiting to hear from them, but I'm really not happy at all with this sort of service. I'm hoping that "venting" on here might stop me biting the head off the person who phones me!
But I do think there are a number of issues being highlighted by the whole affair which has left me very wary of placing future orders.
And I did want to highlight to all you lovely forum members that some of these things will affect everyone - particularly the fact that although your delivery address may be showing on your online account, you will NOT get anything sent there unless you phone them! (That and the fact that delivery is not in 3 days any more :( )
I hope I don't come over as overly picky, I feel I've been fairly restrained until now with disappointment heaped on annoyance! I'm all for patience with new systems, but this order's level of problems is basically taking the proverbial...!
OK, thanks for listening, I feel better now! Wish me luck...
Very frustrating PQ, everything cross you receive all the items, the right amount deducted and free delivery for all the inconvenience!

Rocks IT has been its weakest point. Wish Steve would invest more in IT department and and make it reliable and user friendly like most sites!
Hi PearlyQueen.

I'm really sorry to hear about the problems with your order. Please email me at [email protected] and I will look in to it for you.

Kind regards

John Bennett
Very frustrating PQ, everything cross you receive all the items, the right amount deducted and free delivery for all the inconvenience!

Rocks IT has been its weakest point. Wish Steve would invest more in IT department and and make it reliable and user friendly like most sites!

Low prices at any cost to service just won't work long-term. Although, for some, there is a love affair going on with this company, goodwill cannot be relied on indefinitely. xxxxx
A quick update:
I did get my call back as promised, and the voucher money is being refunded to my card, so the financials will be fine when that goes through.
The rings: I pointed out that they were back on the website and CS suggested that in that case I order them. Fair enough, but I don't want to pay postage again for a Rocks error. It was then pointed out that they could be returns, but I asked for free postage as it seemed unlikely to me.
The CS lady then went off while I held to check on this, but came back and informed me that the website was wrong and they were definitely not available.
I'm giving up on them now!
Thanks for the message John, I will email you all the details tomorrow (info is all at the office, not here) as I think there are some issues there that Rocks should be addressing for the future.
Awww PQ, hope it all works out for you hun. I miss seeing your blingy photos.

Meesh xxx
Aww PQ, Hope you get some form of satisfaction from this whole debacle. Also missing your blingy posts and pics hun, hope your well x
Quick update no 2!
I did email John all the details as above, and about an hour later he phoned to go over the details with me - something I really do appreciate as I know how busy things are over there at the moment, so thank you John.
I think he'd spent the morning packing boxes in the warehouse to try to catch up with the backlog!
My main complaints were the delivery address and the voucher, and he believes they're both part of the same problem, which only comes up when part of the order is not in stock as per my rings. At that point the order is passed to CS to make the phone call and it's then released by the CS Agent. However, it defaults to the card address at that point; although the CS staff would be able to change it back, if they don't know to do it it just won't happen. He believes that at that point they would also have to manually deal with the discount voucher, again if they don't know...
So it looks like the CS person who told me about delivery addresses not being used might just have been making a wild guess...
Anyway, I'm happy with the way John took the time to look into my issues, though it isn't all of them it does cover the most important.
And as a bonus, because the discount voucher was never added to my order, it's still in my basket for next time, which is nice!
I also saw the credit promised had been refunded to my card today, so I can now draw a line under the whole matter.
Of course, the answers I got mean the whole problem was actually caused by selling stuff they don't have, so here's hoping they get a handle on that before much longer! I did feel a bit sorry for John, as he said, as soon as they iron out the bugs in one system, they then change to a new one and have to start all over again!
All the best to Rocks, I dare say I'll be back next month to spend that voucher again!
Great news PQ! John comes to the rescue but I still say they NEED to invest more money in the IT department. They have been in business long enough now not to have constant IT problems!!!!

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