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Feb 14, 2022
I thought the whole idea of getting rid of the outlet channel was to have a lifestyle channel for showing all the junk (most of which you can on Amazon cheaper). As we now have candles, vitamins, scarves, Buddhas, lamps, silk flowers and even flaming brownies they would need a separate channel. So why do we also have hours each day scheduled for this non-jewellery-related trash? I mean, come on, "GEMporia" shouldn't the clue be in the name. We have QVC, we have, Ideal World and other channels selling this bilge. Steve is just cheapening his brand and alienating loyal customers. I'm watching less these days because of the jumble sale of cheap items. Sorry for moaning but it really has reached critical mass and is getting on my last nerve. Mr. Bennett needs to decide which way he is going.
I hardly watch anymore. I used to love the idea of a channel devoted to gemstones. Now, they hardly get a look in. Gemstones were what appealed to me, not this endless round of beauty, clothing, vitamins, candles, etc.
Even the little bit of jewellery they do sell has substantially declined in quality. The prices have increased, the metal weights decreased and the quality of many stones is simply dire. I have read many stories of cloudy, heavily included chipped, cracked, poorly cut and set stones. Rough metalwork with uneven prongs, loss of stones etc I feel bad for the customers who buy a piece, what ever price point, who suffer stone loss. Many buy a pricier piece (assuming good quality) that they save for best, or an occasion. Then, after one or two wears, stone(s) are missing. Gemporia state that they can't (won't) assist as the item is out of their 6 month guarantee. I find that unacceptable, the items are not fit for purpose. To add insult to injury, they may offer you the chance to return the piece for inspection and repair, at you expense. Repairs can be £50 +.

Gemporia is just Ratners reincarnated. They don't give a toss and believe their customers are just idiots who will buy anyting they peddle, like the imfamous Nilamani (Daha Kyanite) and don't get me started on the quality of their diamonds.

Rant over! xx
I remember a few years back, if off work or at the weekend called around to see a friend, and she would put on Gems. We would play the game of guess the price or in my case show me the gold weight whilst drinking coffee. Now it would be yes, the makeup, fake flowers etc £9.99 she no longer watches at all.
Well, I guess Steve et al are making more money on the tatt and crap. If there wasn't a bigger profit he wouldn't be selling less jewels and more junk. Of course this means there is space for a competitor to jump in with a gems-only channel so it could be a risky policy. But he's losing old custom.
Have you also noticed the increase in non-gemstone jewellery, like endless chains? TJC is doing the same. The other day both of them were selling chains at the same time. I watch for the gemstones so I personally find it particularly dull. I know it's odd but I cannot tell one time of chain from the other.... Figaro, Spiga, etc... They try to sell the idea that ideally you would have one of each, but I don't get it. Others surely do or they wouldn't be doing these close out deals so frequently.

Oh, one interesting channel is Gem Collector, 6 hours a day of loose gemstones and no tat. You have to watch it online, though. The only issue for me is that even when I want I never buy anything because I always wait to see what the final price is going to be to see if I can afford it and by that time, when the stone is still at hundreds of pounds, someone else has already bought it. It's a rich person's game and I am not rich!
I am giving my fingers a Rocky-type regime of exercise so that I am the fastest fingers around. Now seriously, I am really not made for the pre-order format of the auctions as I always want to know the price before committing to anything. By the way, if we were to play the price is right, how much do you think they will charge for the puzzles?
I am guessing they are selling a board that you have to fill up with endless pieces of puzzle tat. It's a guaranteed money spinner as people will want to complete the damn puzzle bits, even if they don't really like the gemstones. I wouldn't even entertain this nonsense, more money than sense though with some folk.

The board will probably be around £30 and te pieces £10 - £15 each? Did I miss the show today, or is it still being plugged as coming soon?
They are on tomorrow, she was just telling us about them today, but they have a few shows scheduled. I think there was a sneak peak today, but I went on the school run so didn't see
Oh according to the online schedule the fateful moment whereupon we will be introduced to the puzzles is 2pm. For fans of David Troth, he is on in a few minutes selling Cape Champagne Diamonds. I am not sure which is worse: the puzzles or watching Troth lecturing the audience

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