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Mar 2, 2009
Could someone clarify to me the new monthly jewellery making competition where a winning design is picked by Sarah Bennett to go into production to be sold on Rocks and Gems. Is the prize £200 or £200 in JM credit. If this design is successful and makes lots of money is the 'winning designer' therefore selling the design to JM or do they get royalties on the future sales. Or, is the £200 in either JM credit or £ stirling a one off payment. And, is that made clear?
Hi Rocchic,

Each week we draw a 'wall of fame' winner. The winner will receive a one off £100 credit .

The monthly competition winner wins a one off £200 credit. The credit is added to your account details by our Help Team Managers/Supervisors.

Credits can be claimed after placing a telephone order. It can not be seen in your account details on the web.

Before we begin to put a design into production we will get in touch with the winner and get permission to use it. Terms and conditions are explained at that point.

If you have any further questions please email me [email protected]

Kind Regards

Paula Bennett
Thank you for your reply Paula - just curious because after the 'thrill' of being deemed good enough to have something put in production that if the design is very successful - designer could be selling herself or himself short. I think its a great idea and if some designers get noticed and deemed good enough by a succesful organisation such as yourselves its all good - just curious abt the terms and conditions of using the design and the remuneration for doing so.

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