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We rarely see anything said about Jilly on here, so here I go. She is one of my favourite presenters, as she comes over (to me at least) as such a lovely person, both to look at - I am a bloke :mysmilie_17:, and to listen to. I have a feeling she would be a very pleasant person to meet and talk with. She never goes 'over the top' during her hours, always let's any guests have their say, and just does what she is paid to do - try and sell items. Pity some of the other presenters would not take a leaf out of her book. Okay, she has had her mishaps, but even then she will joke her way out in a very pleasant manner.Full marks Jilly, please don't ever change.


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She was looking lovely last night on the shoe show (Ara?)...looks like she's had her hair coloured a bit lighter, and she had it up in a high ponytail...really suited her


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I really like jilly.Shes one of my faves.She seems to me,just like a "normal" mum that I'd chat to at school.I really like her hair too.


Jilly has beautiful features and has the best skin of all the presenters. I agree she looks stunning with her hair up. :mysmilie_82:


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She was looking lovely last night on the shoe show (Ara?)...looks like she's had her hair coloured a bit lighter, and she had it up in a high ponytail...really suited her


Even better chopped off :mysmilie_697:

No seriously I do like her no airs or graces doesn't bore you with me me me.

Though I feel but who I'm I too criticise but I think she could be even more stunning than she is.
Well perhaps when her children are a little older she may take herself in hand, make herself over, and will really knock the socks off the others.


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Not too skinny either, she's lovely. A real lady even though she's not as "posh" as some of the others:mysmilie_12:


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From things that have been said on air previously, Jilly is also the presenters favourite. AY often says nice things about her. I think most of the presenters are fine to watch but nearly all of them have a little thing that irritates, with Jilly its just that every single item she shows/demonstrates is 'definitely definitely well worth going for'. Jilly does however have a nice manner, a nice smile and is always well turned out :mysmilie_12:.



buh bye... buy bye... buh bye now!


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She is my fave, she is so natural and some times she looks absolutely stunning.


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I like Jilly but she's not my favourite. The only thing I dislike about her is the fact that we know nothing about her and that makes her appear aloof. I do know her father was a successful musician but that's it really. I don't think she is the best looking presenter though, I have to say it's probably Chuntley, or Claire (pains me to say either). :mysmilie_11:
I think Jilly's nice enough, but sometmes she looks really washed outand that hair style does nothing for her face, which is essentially very pretty.

I remember watching a diamonique hour that she presented where she ended each piece with "definitely worth going for...it will stand you in really good stead." In the end, I was grinding my teeth and trying not to throw something at the TV.


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buh bye... buy bye... buh bye now!

LOL Burly. This is the only thing that ever annoyed me about her.


"This is absolutely superb and will stand you in good stead, and at just thirdy/fordy/fifdy pounds, it's absolutely superb. Now, this next item is absolutely superb and will really stand you in good stead..."


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Jilly is not my favourite presenter (no-one can top Debs!), she is not one (unlike Catherine Huntley) who I simply cannot watch. In fact, she is extremely watchable without being OTT or irritably annoying. Thinking about it, I suppose after Debbie, Jilly would be my second fave. I can still remember the pre-marriage days, when she was famed for her must have holidays. It's amazing what getting married and having children can do to your requirements in life. Now, it seems she is happy to concentrate on family life.

Good for her!

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