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Item no:801207
Kelly Hoppen Medallion Embroidered Satin & Velvet Reversible T

QVC Price: £36.00

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P&P: £5.95


Medallion embroidered velvet and satin reversible throw from Kelly Hoppen. This reversible throw is matte velvet on one side and satin on the reverse, with a classic and intricate embroidered medallion design. Add a touch of luxury to your home with this easy-care, stylish throw from leading British designer Kelly Hoppen.

Two looks for the price of one - with a different design on each side, this chic, reversible piece lets you choose the style you want to take you effortlessly from season to season.

Main body: 100% polyester; fill: 100% polyester
Machine washable up to 30C
Throw: 150cm x 200cm (59" x 79")
Colour options:

Elephant Grey

Behind the brand
Kelly Hoppen is one of the UK’s leading interior designers, with an extensive range of fine linens, cushions and accent pieces created especially for QVC. Her contemporary and stylish designs are popular with celebrities all over the world.

All measurements are approximate


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Another TSV which has the price reduction negated by the p and p charges - an outrageous £5.95 for a throw.
It looks lovely,and at under £30 might appear reasonable, add on postal charges and suddenly it's not so good.
We all keep talking about the real value that TSV's used to offer and this just highlights the situation.
Buyer beware!


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My thoughts exactly! I refuse to pay £5.95 postage, so it's saved me nearly £30! Maybe I'll be lucky and pick one up in an outlet some time in the future - all my throws have come from Shrewsbury and have cost less than £20.

Dame Fondacox

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It's also a loss leader for the cushions that go with it - £20 for the first one, £15 for each subsequent one with £4.95 p&p/£2.48. Therefore, if you bought a throw and two cushions, the p&p would be over £13 bringing the grand total to just under £80 - TSV indeed! I have to agree though, it does look lovely.
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I rushed to have a look at this when I saw it was a throw but blahhhh. I hate shiny, it looks so cheap and it isn't cheap once the P&P is added. Kelly, please do a nice sculpted faux fur throw or double sided cosy one. I've seen the sculpted type somewhere for about £100!!! I'm sure Kelly could do a pared down version for us paupers who like her style :happy:


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I like that throw, but not with that P&P :sad:

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