Micheal Perry's Garden TSV 10/04/20


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It wasn't him but he was at it again today wittering on about some gaudy peacock and some duck that had the neck of a swan and the colours of a mallard. He should be on the telly.

I potted up the cosmos which were a total disgrace.

Then I had to listen to that f**kface Cummings so my temper is really at boiling point.

So in a fit of temper I sent an email to Sutton’s complaining . It took quite some time to get an email as they too arent taking phone calls and the email is one of those form type but I found one for the managing director who has now acknowledged it.


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I've written about my crappy cosmos in another post but now that you've done that email I shall do it too. Also to QVC who to be fair have always refunded my money on plant complaints. It's bloody disappointing.

As for that complete **** Dominic Cummings. What appalls me is that people died alone and their family couldn't be there or go to funerals and HE does what the hell he wants and then comes on TV like the naughty boy caught cheating in his maths exam. Then he doesn't have the common decency to resign. Uuugh, despicable.



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I can get the seed to germinate, they grow into small plants and then they die on me. Not sure where I go wrong.


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