No Squabble Money Return Policy ?


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A lot of companies don’t charge P&P when you order something either. QVC apparently haven’t heard of free P&P, barring a few times on a handful of items. It’s time that they updated their practice and followed the example of other companies and offered free P&P on everything because I’m sure that they could afford it. It would seem that they have a lot to learn. 😉
Anather thing QVC will price an item that's on the high street for say £4 or £5 less than the rrp. The postage costs are £4 or £5. It's to make you think it's cheaper from Q.
I went out this morning to get a coffee in a gallery and had a lovely few hours wandering around and chatting to the curator. There is an outlet nearby but most of the shops had closed down but I popped in to look at Clarke’s and was pleasantly surprised to find it had perked up a bit.

I purchased 3 tops and a cardy from Olsens at £25 each and a pair of summer trousers in Klass for £22. Didnt buy anything at Clarke’s but still interested in a pair of sandals!

Came home to an email from Q about a pair of sandals on waitlist being dispatched (after several emails and phone calls about the order).

Q needs to up its game - nothing I purchased was poorer quality than Q yet their postage alone would have covered 1 of the items and I could try them on so no return hassle.

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