Piggy Of The Day


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:Dyup black and sweaty - is it slinky oooooo, I watched the show and the other garments featured, which were much more summery and were just as awful - ruddy expensive swimsuits and horrid kaftans (worst ever)! it's always good for a laugh though!


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Did you see the lace top and skirt as well? They looked like they'd be very sweaty whatever the weather!


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"Nobody will mess with you wearing this suit. You'll be taken more seriously, you will get that mortgage................ People will look at you twice"

Probably at all the sweat pouring off you :ANYWORD:


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Be fair now, you don't have to wear it in the heat. You could keep it for the cool evenings on deck on that cruise..:D


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It looks a likely candidate for 'dressing-up' or 'dressing-down' don't you think?:eek: