Redican nonsense


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Just had to air my views on the ridiculous Rebecca 'I'm so great' Redican, she really reckons herself and puts on that stupid slow condescending 'posh' voice when explaining things, like we're idiots, just pisses me off so much


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Of a raft of unbearable presenters she comes so close to the top! She's a pretentious, patronising little girl who thinks she's talking to other little children. I said it in my own thread but I can't help thinking JM are in serious trouble - hours and hours of the same presenter, whole days of the same designer (most of whom are starting to sound as if they're on something to help them cope. They seem to be down to about half a dozen guest designers and four or five regular presenters and I for one am just tired of the whole thing! So frustrating because they got me into jewellery making and I used to get some really good ideas from a variety of talented designers - most of whom they have done away with.