Richard Jackson's Garden..!

I just got an email from MontRose to say that Richard Jackson has just launched new website (at least it means you can buy his products without having to watch/hear him in person...!) and offering 15% off.

Will paste the blurb below in case of any interest...

The website is

He seems to have an offers section too.

"Our good friends at Richard Jackson Garden have just launched their online shop and are offering our customers a generous 15% discount on all orders placed on their website this week.

The first 200 customers will also receive a free gift of their monthly gardening tips book and diary, plus matching notebook and gift pen (worth a total of £19!)

We have worked with Richard for many years and are pleased to be able to support him as he brings his professional formula, top performing Flower Power products to even more gardeners. Simply enter the code FLOWER15 at the checkout before midnight on Thursday 18th April."


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plant invigorator is worth every penny. ben using it for years. managed to get some from Ebay and I use it on my orchids and my garden fab results

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