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I have to say watching Shop LC and then TJC, the production is not good on TJC

• No music at the start of the auction
• No music post plunge
• Terrible final price music that they used to use from the clearance event years ago which lasts about 3 mins
• Locking the phone lines-this is not sit-up channels (bid-up, price-drop) we know what happened to them, no other channel lock the lines
• So much information on the screen, with the graphics added from all different eras and not quite matching
• Sometimes takes ages for next auction graphics to load on screen

Don’t get me wrong I still buy from this channel and we get great prices but I think they need to have a look at their sister channel the LC and improve, its not coming across as great as it once was.
Im sure they can easily use the LC's music and graphics and simplify it.


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TJC is unwatchable most of the time these days.They revamped and went downmarket .Most of the good presenters left and its a mess now.They have another channel TJC choice which is live in the afternoons and they sell the real jewellery there. Even that I've lost interesting and haven't bought for ages.

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