Simply Yoghurt Free P&P on the website


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all the yoghurt has free p&p on the website so if you want to stock up then i would do it now. just brought strawberry and raspberry :D


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I ordered this just after littlemix posted & it's arrived today!
Excellent delivery IW! & thank you littlemix for posting.
I've got some banana yoghurt making at the mo & will be interested to see how it compares to Easiyo.


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Mine arrived today i normally buy easiyo i hope this tastes just as nice i have strawberyy easiyo in at the moment so will have to wait to try it. i agree fast delivery from ideal world. :)


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Hi Littlemix,

Yep, I have an Easiyo maker kit that I got last month too.
I did the Simply banana one up yesterday. It took longer to set than the Easiyo ones I have done.
I've tried it this morning & it tastes fine, but the texture is slimey/stringy, not sure how to describe it, but it dangles from the spoon which is off putting to say the least. I wonder if I left it in the yoghurt maker long enough?

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