Skinsense TSV 02/02/24


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She talks utter boswellocks. Anyone in two minds about whether Skinnonsense is worth spending your hard earned coin on, should look at the reviews for the last TSV. Diabolical.
And don’t even go there when it comes to the gummies 🤬
A jar of collagen gummies from Starpowa on subscription is 20 quid .
Probably got better reviews as well.
No, the Woman drives me mad
Same. But she sure is a smart salesperson. All that: "It's the same technology as Ultrasun" gubbins, which lulls you into thinking it's the SAME brand. I notice there are multiple reviews of Skinonsense with people saying "I prefer their sun creams" - when in fact it's got nothing whatsoever to do with Ultrasun, apart from having the same Foghorn Leghorn selling it, in Minnie Mouse clogs.
I wouldn’t dream of buying any of her products, first of all they are grossly overpriced, she is such a pushy woman, desperate to sell as much as she can to anyone foolish enough to buy her tripe. She certainly is not a good advert, her skin is dry and lined as if she just slaps on foundation without any preparation of cleansing and moistening products.
The minute I see her, I switch over immediately to another channel. IRRITATING WOMAN……..
I got the supersize overnight face mask which is decent enough.
Not tempted by anything else though.

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