Sorry, but... Too many way too many...


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I've just searched for the 9pm TSV. There are five days of TSVs plus two are on auto delivery. Therefore seven items.

When did "today" turn into five days? You can stick any preamble eg pre launch before it to hide overkill. But seeing five days of stuff is too much. It was much more fun looking forward to the launch than seeing five days worth of stuff.

Just my opinion.

Oh dear just seen who the Q sales assistant is... No! NO! No! News here I come. And I have to use my proper timer. 🙄😒


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Yes, I agree and the items you really want to have a sneak peek at and maybe buy early are nowhere to be seen.



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Just one more indication that all is not well in the Q bubble, no matter how rosy an image they like to project.


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It's not unusual for them to repeat TSVs, even those that got terrible reviews the first time around, that never used to happen.

TSVs from brands used to come around every few months, now it's every few weeks like Elemis and Ruth Langford, and they were always in the warehouse ready for dispatch, now increasingly they are advanced orders.

Paying by interest free installments was only offered on a few high cost items or on a special event, now it's offered on almost everything.

I suspect that QVCs buying demographic are becoming much more savvy when it comes to online shopping and are realising there are other retailers that offer better value, better quality with reasonable P&P and free returns and QVC are feeling the hit.

,Unfortunately for QVC their die hard groupies will not spend enough to keep the UK branch sustainable in the future.


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I suspect they have done rather well out of the pandemic, like Amazon and ASOS. They have a captive audience and any retailer without a high street presence (except supermarkets) has done really well. I know I do virtually all my shopping online now, but I was never a high street fan (except for coffees)
Some of the TSVs are pretty woeful these days - can agree with some people's sentiment on here with easy pay or whatever code or method they punt, be that "Triple Day", "SHOP3Z" or whatever is no different to any other form of credit, aside from being "interest" free.

I'd imagine that vendor's own direct sales in this last year, plus every other retailer seemingly having been lured by Klarna to offer that as a payment method (to say they've taken advantage of vendors need to sell items since last March is an understatement) has no doubt cut into Q's customer base just a little.

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