Summer Food Fair TSV 29/5/20


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When Andi Peters is on QVC is he in the presenters role, rather than a guest.

Watched food fest yesterday. He was given out more information about item numbers and prices than Dale.

AndI wasn’t happy when they done a link to a guy selling his pies, he had his daughters with him. Andi said something along the lines off, youve recently sent these pies to a celebrity, he said yes to some rugby player, AndI said, I meant me

Dale seems to present mostly with Andi, is Dale the only one who will put up with him.


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We are lucky to have a local independent butcher who has gone above and beyond to stock a wide variety of meat & poultry during lockdown.

next door is an independent greengrocer/fruiterer with their usual full range, plus local eggs and honey. They always have a few plants but at the mo they have a fab selection of bedding and perennial plants.

I hope that the people who have ‘discovered’ them during lockdown will continue to use them instead of buying from the numerous supermarkets in our town.

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