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Hi Sacha, I've only just caught up with this - it does look like you've had a run of bad luck with tjc, both with delivery and quality. The ring looks ridiculously wonky! What have you decided to do?


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Hiya RubyRose and thanks for your post. The general verdict seems to be that I should return this little ugly duckling
and that will have to be tomorrow. But in its defence I should say that in the sunshine the Tsavorites do do the business, they are a gloriously deep green, which I don't think I captured in my less than wonderful photography.......



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I am thinking of giving TJC another go. My first(and only)order in spring was despatched quckly, but their courier, DX were total garbage, claiming they had been to me twice, when they had clearly never been anywhere near me!

I cancelled that order and swore never to buy from them again, but I suppose they deserve a second chance, and their quality looks so much better than R&C.

Now, what shall I buy?? :cheeky:

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