What would make you buy from Gemporia again?


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No. That wasn't the opal variety I bought.
Unless I'm mistaken I think that one looks like it's been moulded & held together with clear resin? Or filled? Hence it looks relatively dull?

Just seen that one's £65.99 Good grief! Granted it may get reduced on air but wow, that much online for that!

The ring I received was tiny opal mossic pieces set in blue coloured resin. I could see it straight away as the colour play didn't erm "play" as it should've done across the whole area. I took a closer look and saw what it was clearly.

To someone who isn't used to opals in real life, or who didn't look at it closely, may not have known until their return time was over.

I think there might have been complaints about that "blue opal" as one of the presenters later went on to say it was pieces placed together. Or words to that effect.
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Oooh I don't think I've watched him. Thanks for the heads up.

I've watched an Australian guy cut & shape opals & that was fascinating.
'Just' watched him cutting a 300ct Seam Opal. He made a series of matching stones, that ended up being 30ct total. Calculated at $500 a ct.
The only opal I'm aware of that has resin in it is the Amhara Opal. It was basically crushed and reconstituted Ethiopian Opal set into hardened resin. They claimed that it was a rare blue find of Ethiopian Opal - whereas in reality, it was poor quality Ethiopian Opal that needed to be crushed and set into resin to make it suitable for jewellery - hence why it had a 'blue' hue to it.

The Mosaic Opals are Crystal Opal on Ironstone (which they used to call 'Boulder Opal' before they actually got proper Boulder Opals in stock), are thin slithers of opal on a backing, and they both have a Quartz cap on the top to protect the slither of opal. Because these are not 'proper' opals, they should be sold by size rather than carat weight.

Our posts crossed. I was right about that Gemporia "cough" "Amhara Opal". I can't quite believe what saw on your link. Absolutely terrible & costing that much ?! And any opal newbies who bought/buy that, will think that's what opals look like in real life. What a great shame.

I bought this from the TJC online auctions for £50. And yes, obviously all solid, vibrant, natural Ethiopian Opals. Looks even better in real life. Bought it end of 2023.

TJC sometimes put great jewellery into their web auctions if they've only got a small number left. I think I got extra lucky with this bracelet as no one else was bidding in the closing minutes.


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