Who is that with Kathy?


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Wow ! Sorry never seen this presenter before.Is he a regular ? Certainly different. Can't stop laughing :mysmilie_13:


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LOL when he pulled down the model's trousers!

edit...It's not poor model Charlotte's day because now Dale is waffling about her decollete not being flat! Try and get a gig on This Morning next week eh?


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I switched over in the middle of the show and then found it compulsive viewing just to see what he might do or say next! It was almost like watching a horror movie from behind a cushion when you just know something unexpected is bound to happen. I think the model took the pulling down of her trousers well, I'm just glad that her underwear stayed up under the tunic top! True car crash TV, thanks QVC for brightening my day. By the way, can somebody tell me why he got dressed in the dark before he came on TV?


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It was a real funny hour, and he looked a right Charlie....LOL

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Just watched a couple of videos. He's great viewing isn't he? Reckon he went to the same style school as our Glen, although he refrained from throwing on a little birki. But what a character!


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He reminds me of a very camp Bobby Davro. I saw him last time he was on and was sure it was an act! I like him :)


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I just tried to have a look at the video and the guest asks if the model minds if he pulls her pants down then the clip abruptly ends.
If you watch the video for the tunic 122874 it's still showing on the website.


Great viewing and sorry I missed it this morning - thanks all! Bring him back alive, I say!

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