Who is this woman on TJC?


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The South African woman? Swallowed a box of gramophone needles and has been stuck in a relentless groove of loud, pointless and repetitive utterings even a deaf dog would have issues with. Used a recording of her voice to clear off a large group of scrumpy glugging youths from outside the local Tesco after the police had failed to move them on. Horrendously annoying individual. Still, that's enough about her good points.
He is fabulous, thoroughly enjoying it. No shouting, desperation for compliments, or making out he knows it all! Just informative, explaining what it does. Really hoping he is a regular
I doubt he will be but he is very good just having a bit of a mix up I think keep things a bit fresher

I appreciate he is marmite and I thought he was awful when he was on Ideal world as the "expert" but Andrew Barnard is really growing on me

He gives the impression he is delighted TJC gave him a chance as the main presenter and he has taken it well. Also nice to see his genuine thanks
and enthusiasm for his upcoming trip to India
Shame, but liking the mix up. I am enjoying seeing much less of some of the presenters so find I’m watching more but spending more (which the bank balance is not appreciative of) . Jo grimwood, jenny, chris and Andrew are incredibly watchable and enjoyable. If the powers that be do read this, More of them please!!
I think the grounding of doing so many 2 am-6 am shows really shows on Andrew and Jo, in particular, they can do any sort of show they are used to selling pretty low numbers of stock so have to learn all of the products in really good depth

Andrew and Anshu yesterday and for an hour this evening was the best show I have seen for ages, genuine warmth and friendly ribbing between the two. Anshu doing his impression of Andrew flicking his hair back was a laugh-out-loud moment.

They barely talked about the products they were selling and they both sold out, IF the presenter can take that relaxed style which a lot on TJC can it really shows in the sales.
I have had enough of seeing the beauty channel being taken over by “experts” who clearly have no idea about beauty! The only people that should be on Tjc beauty are Natalia, Peter and Marianne. The others are awful, and it’s really putting me off buying from Tjc altogether!

Mark and Joanne have become my least favourite, and mark really does contradict himself alot. I can’t bare to watch him these days.

Bring the old beauty presenters back Tjc!!!!
Joanne is dreadful. I cannot see what she has brought to tjc at all. Someone on here made a great point, Gemporia seemed to have made their best presenters redundant so I’d have thought there would be a plethora of choice for TJC. She is not watchable at all. I cannot agree with you with Natalia. lately her face is so distorted with the work she has had done she is almost unrecognisable from days gone by. She has tipped the balance and looks dreadful. Her flirting, giggling is not good to watch, I’ve gone from warming to her to being able to watch for a few minutes to now totally turned off. Think that’s more to do with ethics. (She has lied to often, it’s discredited her) I think she over steps the mark with her offerings. She isn’t a qualified weightloss , dermatologist, skin care professional and that’s what TJC are lacking . I have enjoyed Natalia been on less, thoroughly enjoyed Marina , Jo Grimwood and Stacey being on lately alongside Marianne, peter and BA as guests to bring some expert advice. Stacey Ellis by the way is a perfect advocate for the products, her hair is real and it’s grown so much lately and her skin is glowing.

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