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    Why shop with Q?

    I can't understand why in this day and age there only pricing concession is if you purchase an identical item you get 1/2 price postage and packaging. I mean if you shop online, catalogue, you can try and return within 14 or 30 days (usually free of charge or certainly for a lot less than Q)...
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    Fashion brands dropping like flies

    I know, I agree with your comments, but if Q didn't have their fashion hours/channel what else would they fill their hours with? I mean they do not seem to do much in the electronics or have many 'exciting' new shows any more, so I guess we will have to carry on with the 'overprice' fashion...
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    New Presenters

    So a month on what do people think of the new presenters? Personally I am not a fan of Ophelia as I am not in to that all that 'positivity' and 'mindfullness', so can't quite gel to her style. As for Annaliese, she just seem like another 'run of the mill' presenter, who yes 'excitable' and...
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    And you thought Dyson was expensive …….

    Just think about that for one 'nano-second', would you honestly really like a Dentist installed in your house, I mean surely that is akin to a Taxman, or Car/House salesperson (apologies if you are are your partner is any of these 'fine and upstanding' professions!
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    But why? is she untouchable, I mean in the goodness how many years she has been there, she still hasn't managed to work out the 'next shot' business (hence the looking at the monitors), I mean surely that is the sort of thing you learn at 'elementary presenting school'?!
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    What’s happened to Jill?

    I didn't realise her Dog had been stolen that is bad (a friend of my had a 'dog-knapping' incident. The way she would talk about him/her it really was like her child (and fair play she was never a mother), no that must have really upset her, I can understand now partially why she would need to...
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    Do You Think Any Presenters Read This Forum

    Remind me again how many 'Alexa's he has. I mean he lives on his own, even if his partner lived with him, one wouldn't need the amount he reckons he has!
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    Most Useless Fashion Item

    I know that Kim raves about them, but I can't understand Adult 'baby grow's', I mean surely these don't make it easy to put on, take off or go for a 'comfort break'! I mean if you are a baby, you have an adult to 'put on' and 'take off' and as for the 'toilety bit' as a baby, you don't care, not...
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    What’s happened to Jill?

    I know she was poorly and I know she is coming back only 'gradually', but is it just me, or do others feel that she has lost her 'joie de verve', I know she was as 'irritating as heck' in her over the top 'gushing' style and how she absolutely 'loved everything' and her incessant talk about her...
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    Do You Think Any Presenters Read This Forum

    I think that they do, as I remember once a few years ago I commented on the fact that Lee Holbien's website (as was then) was rather 'poor' for a 'tech expert', in that (again I quote this was a few years ago), the website was just a 'holding page' with random Latin on the homepage. I remember...
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    Hmm, you would have thought that given her chosen 'profession' (I use the world loosely), that she would at least know how to put coherent and grammatically correct sentences together!
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    Now we know.....

    I can imagine them designing and making some 'turtle jewellery', following a 'suggestion' from a QVC customer that we are 'diverse in our inclusivity' and are now 'proud to support' the 'adopt a sea-turtle' charity, for more information.....!
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    Dyson Abi due....

    Forgive me please for what I am about to say, but I don't know of any other way, to describe to you what I mean, but she looks like a 'chav' dressed up in 'drag'!
  14. yorkrose26

    Wait List

    Thank you, I had genuinely not thought of that as an option (shows my 'naivety' in this matter), I think thus I will purchase from a place where I defiantly know it won't be a return! Thanks once again for the help!
  15. yorkrose26

    Wait List

    Hello 'lovely people', I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the above option and how it exactly works. Do Q e-mail before they take the money out that the item is back in stock and do you want the purchase to go-ahead, or do they 'skip that bit' and go-ahead anyway? I have a...

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