Advice please re: Bengaline Trousers


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I am new to Bengaline trousers which seem to be a Pick of the Day on regular occasions. They seem to be very popular with customers & presenters who say they have 15/20 pairs!! So my question is: Do they keep introducing new colours? (as I guess people don't keep buying the same colours) Also, do the sizes differ between colours. I already have 4 pairs (all size 12) but one pair is bigger than the others.

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I've ordered a couple of pairs over the years but have never found the perfect size that doesn't wrinkle somewhere when I wear them. I'm a 14-16 but the 14s tend to slip down on to my hips causing the fabric to bunch at my knees. Then when I stand from sitting or driving they ride up at the ankles (more knee wrinkles). So then I tried a 12 which are smoother because they're tighter but then the look too much like ill-fitting leggings. If I size up to a 16, I'd need braces to keep them up, though they'd perhaps hang looser; more like trousers than leggings.

The upshot is I've returned some and only wear the ones I kept around the house as they are stretchy and comfy.

Back 12-15 years ago I bought 3 pairs of cropped bengalines which are a completely different fitting: they have a yoke across the hips and a cuff at calf-level which can be turned up. The fabric is thicker so they don't "bunch". I bought them for a Summer holiday when my children were little and they have come out every year since; if they made these in full-length trousers I'd buy lots. I suspect the thinner fabric with a high percentage of elastane doesn't work (for my body issues) as well as it did in a thicker material?

Lots of info but not much help Seababy; but I'd welcome advice about which size would work for me.


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just to add...

My indestructible bengaline capri/pedal-pushers are similar to these but mine are a denser weave (I ordered these and returned them).


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I've only succumbed to 'Bengaline' once, and like Akimbo, found that they kept sliding down to the hips, and I was forever 'hunching' them up - not what I want from a trouser. Maybe its me, but I also don't like the feel of this particular fabric on my skin


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have never found the perfect size that doesn't wrinkle somewhere when I wear them.
Same as what i experienced, owning 3 Bengaline trousers looking for a perfect size, won't be easy. I often pair them with long silky top just to flatter my outfit.

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