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Nov 7, 2015
I'm doing a bit of a Spring clean, looking at what I have in my wardrobe etc. During lockdown I did buy quite a few items from the Destello range including some lovely cotton knitwear that I subsequently discovered was by Paul James knitwear rather than Hattie design as presented. Lovely items but they can be bought directly for less cost. Raised this in a separate thread and contacted Gemporia to challenge the ethics but it just ended up with me being blocked from.sending messages to the studio. AII that said I was grateful for the intro to Paul James which is now my go to for great quality classic designs in natural fibres. I also have some great quality wraps in cobalt, black and red from Destello that I think were 49.99 each, a great price. The Destello denim dress I bought recently, I was sceptical about, but it is lovely quality. Destello can be hit and miss, so my feedback to Hattie is please stick to the original idea of quality natural fibres and classic styles. I would guess that your customer base is 40 plus either working or with disposable income. I received one of your satin shirts as a free gift, surprisingly nice and I will wear it but the competition for such fashion items must be intense so it is a question of how you see your USP.

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