Dyson TSV 13/10/19

Millie's Mum

VIP Shopper
just tried to register my dyson v6 and according to the dyson website it is a REFURBISHED v6 !!!

Ive checked the website - no mention of this being a refurbished product ???

anyone else registered thier dyson and had similar experience ?
That is surely illegal to sell a refurbished item but not mention it anywhere??


VIP Shopper
Rang customer services they sounded surprised.
theyre going to send out a new replacement product, and I can return my current dyson after it arrives and they will collect

- lets see if the replacement one registers as new or refurbished ??!!


For whom the bells toll.
I wonder whether Dyson were hoping to offload their refurbs? Whoever's to blame it's another PR own-goal for QVC if it's widespread and hits social media!

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