Great service!


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Yes, great, but I am not referring to QVC. I returned a handbag to Marks on Monday with free post. just had an email to say it has already been refunded to my card. Follow that!

I ordered 2 items from Q on tuesday, still being processed. and another handbag from amazon which is being despatched from Belgium. No betting which will arrive first.


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Another vote here for M&S customer service over QVC's. I returned a couple of items which they didn't receive. It only took one email informing them that I hadn't been refunded and giving them the bar code from the postage receipt and I received an email within a couple of hours stating that I was being refunded immediately for the returned items. No faffing around with silly forms to be signed and returned at your own cost and then having to wait weeks for the money to appear in your account. Listen and learn QVC!!!


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Yes I have to praise M&S too! I ordered something by standard delivery one Friday morning and received it by courier Saturday midday!

I've also had returns processed and the money returned to my bank account super speedy.


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Yes thumbs up from me for M&S and also the Lakeland homeware store their Customer Service is fantastic.

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