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I was in awe of Julia's toned upper arms she exposed this morning. For 58 they are absolutely amazing.
Oh Suzi, what an inspiration. Hope you continue in good health for many years to come. The menopause is a horrible time and mine lasted for 10 years but luckily my worse symptom is hot flushes so luckier than many. If I'm totally honest I can't blame it for my muffin top.

Ingrid Tarrant talks a load of ***t but the one half sensible thing she has said on occasion is that if you are bothered about the size on the label then cut the biddy label out! it is only a number.

I have really bad bingo wings but really nice shoulders so it is a regret to me that the BW force me to cover up even on the warmest day. I must admit I give in on holiday where no one knows me.

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