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Many long-time QVCers will remember Katy John from years ago. Or those who've had children in the past decade or two may have seen her in repeats of a pre-school music show (name escapes me atm).

So lovely to see her (looks and sounds just the same) on Craft Channel for the Aroma Shoppe hour (showing at 11am today). Even though I haven't ordered anything yet I'm just enjoying the assembly of great telly sellers.


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I agree. I watched her for the first time yesterday making lotions and potions. I have bought the lip pencils kit but haven't had a chance to make one yet!
It's all very relaxed and intimate isn't it as they all know each other from old, despite having to make the sales. Looking forward to seeing Anthony back again; obviously a very part-timer!


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I caught it on the repeat yesterday evening, and I was sure it was her! You are right, she really does look like she has a picture in the attic!

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