Keep, re-train, dump.


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Which presenters need to be re-trained.
Which ones do you wanna keep without re-training.
Which ones would you dump?

Re-train = Jill Franks, AY, Chuntley.

Dump = AK, charlie, Simon, Glen, Debbie

Keep = Julian, Anne, Kathy, Dale, Jilly.

Haven't made up my mind about the rest.

Simon Sims

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Sorry but they are all old and tired as presenters.
We need new presenters all round = QVC is getting tired, very tired IMHO.

Even Ideal World looks good sometimes.


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have'nt had any new presenters for ages would be nice to see some new faces as long as it's not that daniel green


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and what form could this training take? I would start with a vocabulary lesson for Jill F, a gag for A Y, or maybe a bit and a bridle. And lets's not forget the guests too, some of them could do with lessons in grooming, speaking and if you are Uri Geller a course on "how not be weird and creepy"


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Keep ~ Julian, Kathy and Pippa

Retrain ~ JR, AY and CH

Dump ~ everyone else and bring in new blood


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ooo! what a cool thread it's like a mini election!!
Well out on their ear would def be Jill Franks she so skinny i don't think she swallows her own spit! (gross i know sorry i'm in that mood)
I quite like Kathy -did you see her in that stripey hat the other morning?! it was brilliant me and my mate were speechless- she has to be up for a laugh at herself which is a lovely quality.
Dale and creepy Charlie would be for the boot too
...........will have a think about the rest and cast my vote later!


dump the lot; anything that does not evolve, dies.
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Dump - Jill Franks, Anne Dawson, Alison Young, Debbie Flint, Glen Campbell

Retrain - Craig Rowe, Charlie, Pipa { to stop the 'yeah, yeah, yeahs'}

Restyle - Alison Keenan and Julia Roberts { encourage them to put the arms and cleavage away and dress with a bit of class }

Keep - the rest


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Re-train- CH, CS,CR,PV


The jury is out on the rest.


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Fabulous thread! :clapping: Although I suspect my opinions may be more contentious than the general election...

Claire Sutton (know I'm in the teeny minority but I love her she always cheers me up)
Pipa (love her anecdotes about the eighties)
Debbie Flint (never saw her the first time round but like to think of her as the real person behind the facade of Julia Roberts/Alison Keenan, and she's so obviously grateful to be back which I find endearing)

Catherine Huntley (endearing for same reasons as Debbie Flint but she needs to be told to stop saying 'aawww' at every t-caller as if they are a particularly sweet and tiny kitten)
Jan Springer (stylish woman of a certain age but needs to learn that having seven pairs of earrings is not enshrined in the Human Rights Act)
Alison Young (source of good knowledge IMHO but please calm the voice - could she be trained in this area by the people who lowered Thatcher's screetch?)

Julian Ballantyne (can't cope with his appalling syntax, has he got tenants rights after all these years or what?)
Richard Jackson (ruining my weekend mornings with a total lack of expertise)
Jill Franks (don't get me started)


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Dump: Craig, Dale, Simon, Richard Jackson, Glen Campbell, Sam Doubledee from NN for continually fondling and stroking the bedding.

Re-style: AK/JR (arms and cleavage as mentioned earlier), AD, DF (should wear longer skirts)

The rest can stay !


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Jill Franks -(..and I used to think she was one of their best presenters - can't work out if I was at fault, or whether she's just got unbearably smug over the intervening years mysmilie_11:
Charlie - cannot and won't watch him, (am reminded of the Bob Monkhouse quote "sincerity is everything, once you can fake that.........." )!!! and those ruddy hands, KEEP THEM STILL:headbang::mysmilie_500:
Claire -if I want to be talked to like a three year old, then I'll go nad watch CBeebies:mysmilie_853:

Jilly H - that would be "just superb":mysmilie_490:
Pipa - ]hat's what I said, I said "yeah, Yeah" Pipa:mysmilie_12:

Claudia - love her, looks so snooty, but comes across as so normal and funny, andit cracks me up when she gets the giggles:mysmilie_507:
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Aleksandr Orlov

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:happy: Great Thread!

I would Keep: Debbie Flint, Debbie Greenwood, Kathy Tayler,Dale Franklin, Anthony Heywood,Julia Roberts
Retrain: Jill Franks, Jilly Halliday,Claire Sutton and Craig Rowe
Dump : the rest of them!


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Think we now need to start devising the training package......any suggestions?


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Can we start a petition to get Carla, ex Ideal World, and handbag presenter, on full time. She seems so nice and professional.


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Hiya all,
"Newbie" calling.......(sorry sounds like I'm voting on Eurovision!!!)
Saw this post which prompted me to join cos I had to say I agree about Carla...was so surprised when she vanished from Ideal World.
Keep(DEFO).......Charlie(looks like I'm in the minority with this one!), CH(sorry she's one of my fav's), DG(a lot of the time she does make me laugh!) we have tooooo!!!...........okay everyone else.
Dump(DEFO).....(although I don't realy like doing this!!) Julian, JH(I realy think Jilly sounds sooo bored most of the time)


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Well I think Stage One of the training programme should be to learn when to

1. Keep On Topic, or

2. Stop Telling Lies.

So, every time they brag too much about their holidays or how many handbags they own, or how many face creams they use, then a BIG mallet will descend on them, knocking them off their chair. (remember this is only Stage One....punishments, err training methods..... can become harsher and funnier as training goes on)

3. Talking about family members is fine, within the remit of the product. If they want to get personal they will be handed an application form for Loose Women.


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Dump ...Craig R, Debbie F, Debbie G, and Jill F

Retrain, J R, KathyT, A Y, and C S.

Keep the rest.


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Dump Jill F, Debbie F and Anne D.
I'm sure there is some sort of review of presenters' performances, but I think that the producers and whoever is in charge of the presenters could do with some retraining as well as nothing ever seems to change and the presenters seem to be able to say what they want and even make serious gaffes without being corrected. I think everyone's gone to sleep at QVC Towers.

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