Kelly Hoppen article in today's Times - Sat 19th March 2016


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I’ve just read your very amusing take on “The Queen of Gaige” the wonderful world wide international super star interior designer to Rich Bitches with more money than taste. The woman that represents her on QVC is also a very dull stick woman with a pained face and anorexia. She he mentions Kelly’s name in every sentence. “Kelly this, Kelly loves that, Kelly is , Kelly’s latest this that. I think her name is Jagger …. Why would anyone want their house to look like the BECKHAMS ???
I am sure her name is Annoushka - at least that is how I hope is is spelt.

Does anyone actually care what brand someone else is wearing? People are more important than labels. What a boring, patronizing and schmoozy article.

Well living in London or the suburbs around it maybe. Or even if you are a Real Housewife of Cheshire.

I laughed the other week about it coming out that Lystra Adam’s had borrowed £50 thousand off her daughter to bail out a business gone radically wrong. Yet she drives a Rolls Royce, has these hideous stilleto fingernails, lives in a whacking house and prances around in designer gear.

All for show of course but clearly some of them are up to - if not over - their necks in debt, or on the cadge for money!!

There is a lot to be said for living within your means - or as my late Mum used to say spend a bit save a bit, but always buy well.

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